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The Experiment

Piraye - Roman

  • The Experiment
Boyut:13,5 X 21
İlk Basım:07.Kas.2022
Son Basım:07.Kas.2022

Are you experimenting or are you being experienced?
What is human truly?
What is the purpose of human life?
Does life mean trying to get by struggling in a life that is imposed on us? Or is it possible that one may express her/his unique truth and thus live freely and truly? Mina was a young woman who played her role in fear, in a complex timeline that she thought was life, with an identity that she thought was her own. To fill the void within, she was making decisions that does not belong to her, leading her deeper into dark. Until she crossed paths with someone who had chosen to live solely in truth. The rest of the story was finally looking at her real self in the mirror. The journey of discovering our own truth, experiencing the ‘unique me’ and to be able to express it in life are only possible if we can leave that movie our mind makes us watch, made up of false stories we’ve been believing for so long, forcing us to live in a constant loop. Inspiring hundreds of thousands of readers, The Experiment is a powerful lantern that will illuminate the readers’ minds with truth and be a companion in the journey of getting out of fear to life. For to abandon unhappiness, failure and despair, to transform, to be the owner -not the victim- of life, one choice is enough.
Are you in?