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Life Begins at 40

Nalan Miri Sözer - Kişisel Gelişim

  • Life Begins at 40
Çevirmen:Feyza Howell
Boyut:13,5 X 19,5
İlk Basım:29.Eyl.2020
Son Basım:29.Eyl.2020

“I have been living in this body and with this soul for forty-two years. What came before, or lies in store beyond today, are mysteries. Am I curious? I’m dying to know, but pretend not to. Play it cool. Ice cool. All I know is that after forty, I said, ‘Oy! Hold on, mate!’ deciphered the secret code of life, and transformed the old me! My energy levels are higher by the day; I never quit.

There is nothing random in this enlightenment, renewed strength, or development. Quite the opposite: this is the alarm set for the universe by ‘divine timing’. Set precisely to this period, to the time just after turning forty…

A New Lease of Life After Forty, as I like to call it.”

Journalist Nalan Miri Sözer questions herself and her raison d’être from her mid-thirties onwards.

The more her awareness grew, the more she dived into a fantastic adventure with every new experience.

The first step was a total detox to rid herself of the practically chronic exhaustion due to life in the city – and work.

She stopped smoking, became aware of her energy points from top to toe through Deeksha therapy, sat in an enormous cauldron in a kawa bath in Bali to cure her aches, and participated in a shamanic rite in Africa.

She talked to women across the world on life beyond forty and female awareness.

We have to get to forty before we can solve the da Vinci code of our femininity!

“Nalan Miri Sözer talked to countless women across the world, women who had emerged from this period relatively unscathed.”
–Sibel Yeşilçay Women’s Health